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A Sanctuary Made for True Luxury


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Project Factsheet
Project Name
The Chuan Park
Address of Development
Serangoon Avenue 3
Project Developer
Kingsford Huray Development and MCC Land (Singapore)
99 Years Leasehold Development
Site Area
37,215 sq m
Gross Floor Area
89,824 sq m
No. of Block
To Be Advised
No. of Storey
To Be Advised
No. of Units
Approximately 900 Units
To be Advised

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Chuan Park Residences

The Chuan Park, formerly known as Chuan Park en bloc, located in Lorong Chuan, stands as a testament to groundbreaking architecture, carefully curated amenities, and a perfect fusion of luxury and functionality With its strategic location and holistic approach to urban living, The Chuan Park emerges as a paragon of Singapore’s modern residential developments. Let’s delve deep into the many facets of this spectacular project.

Elegantly rising against the Lorong Chuan skyline

Nestled in the heart of Lorong Chuan, The Chuan Park  captivates with its innovative architecture. Its design seamlessly blends contemporary aesthetics with clever space utilization. Expansive windows flood the interiors with natural light, offering a warm and inviting ambiance. Each unit's layout is thoughtfully designed to optimize space, delivering a comfortable and luxurious living experience at the core of District 19.

Chuan Park Residences

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Chuan Park Residences
Chuan Park Residences

Indulge in Opulent Living at The Chuan Park 
The Chuan Park epitomizes luxury living with its plethora of amenities. 
Residents are treated to a state-of-the-art gymnasium, an expansive swimming pool, barbecue pits, function rooms, and a dedicated children’s play area, among other facilities. The clubhouse serves as a focal point for community engagement, fostering a strong sense of camaraderie and neighborly bonds. 
Nature enthusiasts will find solace i
n the lush greenery of The Chuan Park. 
From meticulously landscaped gardens to tranquil walking trails and recreational spaces, it serves as an urban oasis. Whether it's a brisk morning jog, moments of meditation in natural surroundings, or leisurely picnics with loved ones, the verdant environment provides the perfect setting. 
Situated adjacent to Lorong Chuan MRT, The Chuan Park offers unparalleled convenience. 
Its proximity to major expressways, MRT stations, and bus interchanges ensures seamless connectivity to every corner of Singapore. Moreover, with the completion of the Keppel, Cantonment, and Prince Edward Road stations, connectivity is further enhanced through the full Circle Line, guaranteeing effortless daily commutes. 
One of the standout features of The Chuan Park is its proximity to essential amenities. 
Within a brief stroll lies Serangoon Bus Interchange and NEX Mall, while the vibrant Serangoon Garden, renowned for its local eateries and trendy dining options, is just a short drive away. Whether it's upscale fashion boutiques, local artisanal markets, or gourmet culinary experiences, everything is within easy reach. 
Safety and security are paramount concerns at The Chuan Park. 
With round-the-clock security surveillance, CCTV monitoring, and electronically controlled access points, residents can enjoy peace of mind knowing their safety is prioritized. 
The Chuan Park's dedication to sustainability is evident in its design and features. 
Through the incorporation of energy-efficient fixtures, waste management systems, and water-saving technologies, the condominium minimizes its environmental footprint. Residents not only revel in a lavish lifestyle but also contribute to a more sustainable future. 

Chuan Park Residences

Educational Proximity: Enhancing the Appeal of The Chuan Park Community 
For families residing in The Chuan Park, the wealth of educational options in close proximity is one of the neighbourhood’s most appealing attributes. Here's how the presence of nearby schools contributes to the convenience and enrichment of life for residents: 

Primary Schools Within Easy Reach 
St. Gabriel's Primary School, located just 0.2 km away, emerges as an excellent choice for young learners within The Chuan Park community. 

CHIJ Our Lady of Good Counsel and Yangzhen Primary School, situated within 0.71 km, offer residents a diverse array of educational opportunities right at their doorstep. 

Moreover, schools like Zhonghua Primary School and First Toa Payoh Primary School, within a 1.39 km radius, provide additional reputable options for families residing in The Chuan Park vicinity. 

Excellent Secondary School Choices 
Within a 1.05 km radius, reputable secondary schools such as St. Joseph's Institution (offering both IB and O-Levels) present older children from The Chuan Park community with quality educational pathways nearby. 

Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Secondary School and Zhonghua Secondary School, conveniently located just 0.8 km away, offer accessible options for families within The Chuan Park vicinity. 

Tertiary Education Opportunities 
Nanyang Junior College, a mere 0.44 km away, provides pre-university students residing in The Chuan Park community with a nearby pathway to higher education. 

Alternatively, St. Andrew's Junior College, situated well within 2 km, serves as another accessible option for tertiary education for residents of The Chuan Park. 

Access to International Schools 
Australian International School, situated just 0.39 km away from The Chuan Park, offers a globally recognized curriculum, catering to the diverse needs of families within the community. 
Other international schools like Stamford American International School and KLC International Institute, within reasonable proximity, provide additional choices for families seeking an international educational experience while residing in The Chuan Park. 
With educational institutions spanning primary to tertiary levels, including international options, The Chuan Park community emerges as an educational hub, making it an immensely desirable residential destination for families placing a high priority on quality education and convenient access to schools. 

Chuan Park Residences

How a Completed Circle Line Will Benefit The Chuan Park  Owners

Singapore's renowned transport network continues to demonstrate its efficiency, breadth, and forward-thinking approach. The recent completion of Keppel, Cantonment, and Prince Edward Road, forming the complete Circle Line, marks another significant achievement. For residents of The Chuan Park, daily commuting becomes exceptionally convenient with the full Circle Line now in operation. Here's a detailed exploration of how these developments will substantially enhance the living experience for The Chuan Park community. 

Improved Accessibility and Connectivity for The Chuan Park Residents 
The most notable advantage of the completed Circle Line is the significantly enhanced connectivity it offers. With a comprehensive Circle Line serving the western and north-western parts of Singapore, residents of The Chuan Park can enjoy more direct and convenient travel to these areas. Whether it's commuting to work, visiting friends, or simply running errands, the commute is set to become shorter and more pleasant. 

Property Value Appreciation at The Chuan Park 
Enhanced connectivity invariably leads to an increase in property values at The Chuan Park. As connectivity continues to improve, daily commuting across Singapore becomes effortlessly convenient. This positions The Chuan Park for potential appreciation in property values, presenting future homeowners and investors with the opportunity for higher returns on their investment, all thanks to these infrastructure enhancements. 

Business Opportunities in Lorong Chuan 
The completion of the Circle Line is expected to stimulate commercial growth in the surrounding area, resulting in the emergence of more business hubs and parks. This translates into a myriad of job opportunities for The Chuan Park residents, potentially allowing them to work closer to home. The reduced commute not only saves time but also significantly enhances the work-life balance. 

Promoting Eco-Friendly Commutes 
MRT systems offer a sustainable alternative to driving. With the Circle Line now fully operational, residents of The Chuan Park are presented with an eco-friendly commuting option, effectively reducing their carbon footprint. This marks a significant step towards embracing sustainable living practices, in line with the nation's vision for a greener future. 


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Living in The Chuan Park condominium transcends mere residency; it signifies an astute investment in a lifestyle meticulously engineered for the future, strategically aligned with the visionary urban blueprint outlined in the URA Masterplan 2019. Nestled within a rapidly evolving district, The Chuan Park holds a strategic position poised to capitalize on the myriad advantages highlighted in the URA Masterplan, propelling it to the forefront of Singapore's real estate landscape.

Consider the extensive array of advantages future buyers of The Chuan Park will enjoy:

1. Unmatched Connectivity: As the URA Masterplan unfolds, residents of The Chuan Park can anticipate unparalleled connectivity and accessibility. With new residential developments emerging in adjacent areas like Lorong Chuan, the condominium emerges as a coveted haven for individuals seeking seamless urban mobility and convenience. The Chuan Park's strategic location within this evolving network ensures residents remain seamlessly connected to key destinations across Singapore. Furthermore, with planned enhancements to transportation infrastructure, residents can look forward to even greater ease of access to various parts of the city.

2. A Wealth of Amenities: The URA Masterplan introduces an impressive array of amenities, including verdant parks, pedestrian-friendly pathways, and bustling commercial hubs, enriching the fabric of community life at The Chuan Park. These enhancements not only elevate the residential experience but also position the condominium as a beacon of modern urban living, offering residents a holistic lifestyle enriched with convenience and leisure options. From recreational facilities to retail outlets and dining establishments, The Chuan Park is poised to become a vibrant hub where residents can live, work, and play without ever needing to venture far from home.

3. Catalyst for Economic Prosperity: At the heart of the URA Masterplan lies the creation of vibrant economic hubs such as the Lorong Halus Industrial Estate, heralding a new era of local job opportunities and economic prosperity. Residents of The Chuan Park stand to benefit from reduced commute times and seamless access to burgeoning employment prospects, fostering economic growth within the community and enhancing overall quality of life. With the condominium's proximity to these economic hotspots, residents have the opportunity to capitalize on the area's growth potential and secure a brighter future for themselves and their families.

4. Embrace of Nature and Leisure: Punggol Point's transformation into a verdant heritage enclave, coupled with the development of lush parks in the Lorong Chuan vicinity, ensures residents of The Chuan Park enjoy an abundance of green spaces for leisure and recreation. The integration of dining, retail, and recreational amenities further amplifies the condominium's allure as a sanctuary amidst urban dynamism, offering residents a serene retreat within the bustling cityscape. Whether it's enjoying a leisurely stroll through the park or unwinding at a nearby cafe, residents of The Chuan Park have ample opportunities to reconnect with nature and rejuvenate their spirits amidst the hustle and bustle of city life.

5. Hub of Community Vitality: The integration of community-centric amenities such as libraries, hawker centers, and healthcare facilities fosters a sense of belonging and social cohesion among residents. The Chuan Park emerges as a vibrant hub where individuals converge to socialize, dine, and partake in enriching community engagements, strengthening bonds and nurturing a thriving sense of community spirit. With regular community events and activities planned within the condominium grounds, residents have the opportunity to forge lasting friendships and create cherished memories with their neighbors, further enhancing their sense of belonging and connection to The Chuan Park community.

6. Pioneering Sustainability: Aligned with the overarching vision of building a sustainable and resilient city, The Chuan Park epitomizes eco-conscious living and innovative urban design. Residents are poised to inhabit a development that champions environmental stewardship and urban resilience, underscoring its commitment to a sustainable future. With green initiatives and sustainable practices integrated into its design and operations, The Chuan Park sets the standard for eco-friendly living within Singapore's urban landscape. From energy-efficient building materials to water-saving technologies, residents can rest assured knowing that their home is not only a sanctuary for themselves and their families but also a responsible steward of the environment.

In essence, investing in The Chuan Park condominium signifies more than acquiring a residence; it symbolizes a profound commitment to a lifestyle that embraces progress and sustainability. With the URA Masterplan's unwavering focus on enhancing liveability and fostering economic vitality, The Chuan Park stands as an epitome of excellence, offering residents an unparalleled quality of life amidst Singapore's evolving urban landscape. As the community continues to grow and thrive, The Chuan Park remains steadfast in its dedication to providing residents with a truly exceptional living experience, one that transcends the ordinary and celebrates the extraordinary possibilities of urban living.


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