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Floor Plan
Chuan Park Residences

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Crucial Blueprint

Every esteemed condominium project begins with a well-crafted site plan, which outlines the development's vision and what it offers to its residents. The Chuan Park's, located in the heart of Lorong Chuan, exemplifies this tradition. Its site plan represents forward-thinking urban design, aimed at enhancing the residents' quality of life.

Optimal Orientation

One key feature of the The Chuan Park's site plan is its thoughtful arrangement. Residential blocks are strategically placed to maximize natural ventilation and light while avoiding the scorching afternoon sun. This not only ensures a comfortable environment but may also reduce electricity consumption.

State-of-the-Art Amenities

The Chuan Park's offers an array of modern amenities, including a spacious swimming pool, a contemporary gym, tennis court, and function rooms for gatherings. Children's play areas and interactive gardens are thoughtfully integrated to provide dedicated spaces for recreation and growth.

Emphasis on Greenery

The site plan focuses on green spaces, featuring meticulously landscaped gardens and themed courtyards. These not only enhance the condo's appearance but also promote well-being, providing peaceful areas for relaxation and contemplation.

Seamless Connectivity

Well-designed pathways and covered walkways ensure easy access to all amenities, fostering a sense of community within the development.

Safety and Security

Chuan Park Residences prioritizes safety with a dedicated guardhouse, strategically placed CCTV cameras, and secure access points to ensure residents' peace of mind.

Diverse Unit Types

To accommodate a wide range of potential residents, from singles to large families, The Chuan Park's offers a variety of unit types, each designed for spatial efficiency, usability, and comfort.

Community Spaces

The site plan incorporates spaces for community-building activities, including barbecue pits and open lawns for picnics, fostering interaction and lasting relationships.

Soothing Water Features

The Chuan Park's features water elements like reflecting pools and fountains that enhance the estate's aesthetics and offer recreational zones for residents.

Eco-Friendly Practices

The site plan integrates eco-friendly features, such as rainwater harvesting systems and sustainable landscaping techniques, to reduce the development's environmental impact.

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